Oh my, that platinum blonde hair!
The Pioneer Woman Magazine Celebration with Ree Drummond and Ladd Drummond
Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine / Getty Images

These days, Ree and Ladd Drummond are one of the sweetest celebrity couples we know. Married in 1996, the couple now share four children and a life on the ranch together.

Together, their love is the foundation for all that they do and accomplish from their Pawhuska, Oklahoma, home base. The two savor the simple things in life, like movie nights, or perhaps a breathtaking sunset on their sprawling property before digging into a dinner prepared by the one-and-only Pioneer Woman herself (pass the baked ziti, please!).

On social media, Drummond doesn't step back from ladling on the Ladd love, and we're always grateful to get a glimpse into their relationship, whether she's sharing an anniversary post, birthday wishes, or "just because" note and photo.

Now, we're gushing with emotion over the most recent snapshot Drummond shared of her cowboy husband, known to Drummond endearingly as The Marlboro Man, a snapshot that was taken before the duo were acquainted. "This 1970-something school pic of my husband always makes me smile. And sometimes cry, depending on what my hormones are up to," Drummond captioned a photo of a young Ladd, looking dapper in a yellow sweater. That light blonde hair and those bright blue eyes, along with his sweet smirk, certainly makes us see why Drummond holds this photo so dear.

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We always love these intimate peeks into the Drummond family's photo albums. During this tough chapter in history, it's always nice to escape to the days of yesteryear and remember where we came from and how far we've come. (And perhaps how much our hair color has changed, too.)

Now, if you'll excuse us, this photo has inspired us to dig up our old yearbook photos and take a trip back in time ourselves.