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Credit: Courtesy Pioneer Woman Mercantile

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is a mother of four and dog mama to boot, but yesterday, she welcomed a bunch of joyful Kindergarteners into her fold on her home turf of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

"The sweetest group of kindergarteners from my hometown (about 50 of 'em!?!) took a field trip to The Merc today and at the end of our time together, I got to send them all out the door with a book and a cookie. Otherwise known as a bookie. And that kid in the front? That's basically me in every childhood photo," Drummond captioned a sweet instagram photo of her with the pack of little ones. "Oh, and this was the best part: I let each child choose which book he/she wanted---one of my Charlie books or one of my Little Ree books. So one boy got to the front of the line, surveyed the choices, looked up at me, and asked, 'Can I have Power Rangers instead?'"

Done laughing? We're not either.

Meanwhile, it's been a busy spring season for The Pioneer Woman. Recently, she debuted a new children's book Little Ree: Best Friends Forever and opened the doors to her hotly-anticipated "cowboy luxury" inn in downtown Pawhuska, The Boarding House.

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If you're antsing for a last-minute spring road trip, we say now's the time to pack your bags and make your Pawhuska pilgrimage.