Heavens to Brunette-sy!

When you think of Ree Drummond, a few things probably come to mind. Her amazing ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Her love of butter. Her signature red hair.

Well, little did we know, but The Pioneer Woman once sported dark brown strands. In a recent Instagram post, Drummond shared an adorable photo of herself with her daughters on a vacation to Yellowstone featuring her formerly brunette locks.

"My tiny girls (and my tiny arms, ha) in Yellowstone in...2003? Or maybe it was 1947. Either way, it was forever ago. I had just dyed my hair dark brown, and Bryce was a sweet little 9-month old nugget whom we'd left at the hotel in Teton Village with Ladd's mom that day," writes Drummond. "The girls both got sick (stomach bug!) while we were in Yellowstone, but by golly, I wasn't leaving without this photo! When this photo was taken, I thought I was going to be a mom of three; little did I know that Todd would be in the picture awhile later. Sweet times, happy times, and I'd go back and do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. (I hope this helps parents of little kids to dig in and enjoy life right now. Stomach bugs during day trips to national parks and all...)"

What a wonderful throwback photo — though we certainly wish Drummond had shared a few more with hair down and not swept away from her face.

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