"She retired back in Oklahoma so she could enjoy the family she loved so much."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 01, 2018
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Over the weekend, Ree Drummond posted a sad update for her social media fans, sharing the news that her beloved grandmother-in-law had passed away.

"Today we're saying goodbye to Edna Mae, Ladd's grandmother. She grew up in a small Oklahoma town, raised her family on a remote ranch...then moved to California by herself and started a career after her divorce. She retired back in Oklahoma so she could enjoy the family she loved so much. Edna Mae was beautiful, hardworking, supportive, strong, and selfless," she captioned a series of three timeless photos of Edna Mae. "She was here for my mother-in-law Nan's battle with cancer---by her side until the day she died. Nan needed her mom when she started to get really sick, and Edna Mae was there for her. We'll always be grateful to her for that...and for so many things. A life well lived! We will miss her."

Many devoted followers of the Pioneer Woman may recognize Edna Mae's name from her namesake sour cream pancakes, a fan-favorite recipe for many across the country. In fact, at Drummond's Mercantile restaurant in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, you can even order a stack of Edna Mae's Pancakes, served with a three-butter sampler, and three different breakfast syrups. You may also remember that she showed up in an episode or two of Drummond's hit Food Network Show.

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It's been a tough few months for the Drummond family, with her husband Ladd's mother, Nan Drummond, dying from cancer in May. We're sending our best thoughts to all who live and love on the Drummond family ranch.