Ree Drummond Once Got Her Husband 200 Tins of Carmex Lip Balm for Christmas

The Pioneer Woman shared a few of the most memorable gifts she's presented her family over the years.

The one and only Pioneer Woman shared some special and hilarious gifting moments from years gone by in her letter from the editor in a winter edition of The Pioneer Woman Magazine.

When reflecting on her childhood, the Food Network star shared that growing up she used to annoy her older brother tremendously on Christmas morning as she opened presents due to her overly dramatic way of opening her gifts. "I'd slowly peel back the wrapping paper, delight at what was inside (whether it was Love's Baby Soft perfume, a sweater, or a Madame Alexander doll), and loudly ooh and aah and jump around," she writes in her editor's note, adding that her grandma even said she most eagerly anticipated Christmas with her granddaughter because she relished the chance to watch little Ree open her gifts.

Fast-forward to her current life on the Drummond family ranch in Pawhuksa, Oklahoma, and Drummond is all about gifts that are practical and, in some cases, "gifts" that she perhaps wants most, admitting, "I once gave 'my family' (air quotes) two basset hound puppies," along with her gifts of a smart TV and a massage chair over the years for her "family," as well.

But above all, it seems Drummond is a thoughtful and utility-driven gift giver, who tries to get her loved ones gifts they'll cherish, but also use regularly. Our personal favorite? A whopping 200 tins of lip balm for her rancher husband, Ladd, who's constantly out in the Oklahoma elements. "He uses Carmex daily and had remarked months earlier that his biggest fear was that Carmex would be discontinued or a zombie apocalypse would come and he wouldn't be able to find any," she writes. "I can't begin to describe the smile on his face when he opened that Carmex package I'd wrapped. It was pure gold to him." Is that not the sweetest, cutest thing?

One year, Drummond got her family personalized phone chargers, but seeing as they've all vanished from the household, we're thinking an extra few tins of Carmex might have been a surer bet.

Lip balm and love, who knew the two could go so hand-in-hand?

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