Step three is genius!

Remember that time you woke up with 12 minutes to spare before your breakfast meeting and grabbed the nearest jeans (you know, the ones that almost cut off your circulation) and booked it to the office? Oh yeah, this morning. And last Tuesday. And...

No more! Instead of the Frazzled Daybreak Jig, why not make like The Pioneer Woman and follow her modus operandi? Yesterday, after waking up in the wee hours of the morning, Drummond took to instagram to share how she made the most of her A.M. shuffle.

Her strategy can be simplified into four simple steps: Read the bible, pour a tall strong cup of coffee, determine hiding place of her go-to lip gloss, and last, but certainly not least, find comfy, stretchy jeans to throw on for the day ahead—"because Lord knows I'm gonna need 'em all," quips the ever-humorous Food Network star.

Looking radiant and cheery with a hit of eye-liner and her signature, glossy lips, it sure looks like this four-step plan got the day's Mission Accomplished for Mrs. Drummond.

We can't say we'll be setting our alarm clock for 4:30am anytime soon, but her post served as an excellent reminder to keep those elastic-waist jeans on standby.