Nicely done, Ladd.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 07, 2019

Sometimes it pays to ignore the advice of your significant other. Such was the case for Ladd Drummond, husband to Ree Drummond, when he decided to throw his wife a surprise birthday party despite her hoping it would just "blow over this year."

Instead of playing down her special day, the Pawhuska Princess got to go big — spending time with loved ones from near and far, feasting on Mercantile treats, and trading stories around a fire pit. It appears the party was hosted at Drummond's newest Pawhuska restaurant, P-Town Pizza.

"Ladd had a surprise birthday party for me last night. I was truly surprised. My sister was there from Seattle, my closest high school friends came from San Diego, Dallas, Kansas City, and Atlanta, and my oldest/dearest childhood friends were there, too. Friends and family from Pawhuska showed up, and our Mercantile chefs and bakers made a spread of food I'll be daydreaming about for the rest of my life," Drummond writes, captioning a series of photos from the festivities on Instagram. "At the end of the evening, we were gathered around a fire pit laughing so hard about old stories and memories that our ribs hurt. I had been telling my husband that I really wanted the whole birthday thing to blow over this year and just pretend it never happened. I'm so glad the little booger decided not to listen to me."

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2019 is clearly starting off on a great note for Mrs.Drummond. We're already antsing for her new cookbook, which will be released next October. Fingers crossed she'll be sharing the recipe for her gorgeous white-and-floral birthday cake.