The Pioneer Woman's latest cookbook will be a group effort.
Ree Drummond in Kitchen
Credit: Pillsbury

Ree Drummond needs your help!

The Food Network star announced via her blog this week that she's working on a new cookbook, and this time around, it's a group effort.

"I have a new cookbook coming out next fall (October 2019), and I'm getting ready to jump in and start the fun," Drummond shared. "But as I'm organizing thoughts and recipe ideas, I wanted to include you in the brainstorm by asking, in a nutshell: What would you like to see in the next PW cookbook?"

She explained that her primary goal in writing a new cookbook "isn't making sure it has commercial appeal, or winning a culinary award, or appearing on morning shows, or creating a piece of art." Instead, the Pioneer Woman revealed that her greatest motivator is creating something that people will actually use, "and, ultimately, love."

Though she already has a few "soooo tasty" recipes in mind, Drummond is also all ears.

Her request is a simple (and exciting!) one. "Please jump in, weigh in, sock it to me, really let me have it!" she asked.

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So go forth and share your culinary hopes, dreams and wishes in the page's comments section, just, whatever you do, do NOT mention bananas….