Alex Drummond And Mauricio Scott Have Set the Date and Picked a Venue

Cue the wedding march!

The eldest child of The Pioneer Woman recently joined her mama live on the Pioneer Woman magazine’s Instagram to share some big wedding news. Cue the wedding march, Alex Drummond and her fiancé Mauricio Scott have set the date and picked a wedding venue.

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A fan asked when the wedding will be and Alex promptly replied, May 1, with a smile. (That's May 1, 2021, to be clear.) And then Mama Ree gave us the details we all crave. “We’re very excited about the wedding. Alex is getting married on the ranch. We kind of did a little bit of a journey where we looked at hotels in Tulsa and venues in Tulsa. And it was Ladd Drummond, my boyfriend, who kind of said, ‘I wonder why we wouldn’t do it on the ranch because that’s who Alex is.’ And Alex and I both went, ‘aww.’”

We echo that sentiment and think this is the perfect place for Alex to say “I do.” The bride to be did have a little hesitation before committing to a ranch wedding. “I was nervous about it at first because there’s just so many logistics that I was thinking about, like, how are people going to get out here? It’s literally the middle of nowhere. But we’re going to figure it out, we’ll just give people directions,” she said. But Ree had an answer for that too, suggesting that her brothers could run shuttles bringing the guests to them, saying with a laugh, “I don’t think they have a license for that, but we’ll just worry about that later.”

If you need a refresher, Maurico proposed to Alex at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas back in August and she quickly asked her sister Paige to be her maid of honor.

We are loving following along as the young couple plans their nuptials. We may be just as excited for their big day as they are!

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