Popcorn and a Coke coming right up.
Ree Drummond
Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Picture this: You're Ree Drummond and you live on a sprawling ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and it's date night with your husband Ladd. What's on the itinerary? A romantic sunset horseback ride through the prairie? A night out at a buzzy restaurant in Tulsa? A homemade dinner together devoured al fresco with the dogs running around?

Not quite. According to an issue of The Pioneer Woman magazine, as recounted in a piece by The Cheat Sheet the Drummonds enjoy quite the low-key date night. Drummond says of their date-night habits: "We love to watch movies together. But because the closest theater is about 50 minutes from our house, we usually only go out to see epic ones, like ‘Aquaman' or something from Marvel. Ladd and I will split a popcorn and a regular Coke—it's the one time I drink it! (Yes, he loves Dr Pepper, but only in a can!)"

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Sounds like a pretty fun night if you ask us. We're just hoping Drummond bakes up Ladd's Chocolate Pie for when the couple get home and are in need of a late-night snack.

What do you think of the couple's laid-back date night routine?