Enter the dreamy world of Red Oak Lavender Farm.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 30, 2018

Sure, Dahlonega may have had a gold rush in the 1800s, but we're all about this 21st century lavender rush.

At Red Oak Lavender Farm in Dahlonega, Georgia, you can see and smell about 2,000 lavender plants, which includes 20+ different varieties of the aromatic shrub. Enjoy a tour at the stunning grounds this spring or summer, or treat yourself to a visual feast on instagram. A gorgeous spot to shoot special occasion photos for adults, we're also swooing for how darling little ones look in a lavender ensemble, playing amongst the fields.

But growing lavender in our neck of the woods? How's it done? We wondered the same thing. "Everybody kept telling me, 'You can't grow lavender in North Georgia,'" owner Tina Misko told CountryLiving.com. "Through my research and through taking classes, I've learned to adapt the soil," she explained, since the soil and weather conditions in Georgia create a challenge in growing the mint family plant.

We don't know about you, but we're so ready to bottle up a bit of this Georgia dream and take it back into our own backyards. If you're inspired to grow lavender yourself, check out our tips here.