Talk about a pick me up!

Aspen Allen was in the hospital recovering from a serious spinal cord injury when a friend asked her if she could FaceTime.

When she answered the call, the 21-year-old was shocked to see Reba McEntire, her favorite country singer, on the screen.

“I cried like a little girl,” Allen recalled to Taste of Country. “It was hard to be in the hospital and being told that one day you might not walk, and then getting a call from Reba just like brought up my morale completely.”

Allen was helping her father on her family's cattle ranch in Montana last month when she fell trying to get on a horse. An experienced rider, she had one foot in the stirrup when something spooked the horse and sent her crashing to the ground.

"I burst fractured my T12, so they fused T10 through L4. And I now have two rods and eight screws in my back," she told Taste of Country.

After three days in ICU, Allen’s recovery was touch-and-go. That's when McEntire learned of the accident through Dawn Ann Ritter (a family friend) and decided to surprise her.

Allen shared a video of the emotional moment she received a call from her hero on Twitter (below).

“I was so happy," Allen told Taste of Country. "She’s like, literally, ever since I can remember and even when I was little everyone was like, ‘How do you even know who Reba is?’ Her TV show and her music just—I love Reba and it was just amazing."

“It came at the perfect time. It was very special.”