Time to embrace the cruising spirit.
Cruise Ship on Ocean
Credit: Rawpixel/Getty Images

We all know so-called "cruise people." Most of the time, we know them by their matching vacation tees and desire to debate the pros and cons of upgrading to a better beverage package.

But for those on the fence about taking a cruise for their next vacation, here are three convincing reasons — courtesy of travel booking giant KAYAK — for setting sail.

1. You can save money.

Not only can cruises be more economical than other forms of travel, but you often have the opportunity to visit more cities in a limited time frame that would otherwise require long drives or additional flights. You can search KAYAK's cruise deals here.

2. You might come home with new skills.

As KAYAK points out, many cruise vacations offer on-board instruction in a variety of topics. Cooking class? Sign us up. Many cruises also feature lectures from experts in a variety of fields, from philosophy to film.

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3. You don't have to deal with daily planning.

Once you've selected your shore excursions and are on board, the cruise line pretty much handles all logistics. Sure, you may have to make a dinner reservation or two, but you can say goodbye to dealing with public transportation or renting a car to getting around, coordinating for your group, and planning evening activities.

So Alaska, Europe, or the Caribbean? Now it's time to reach out to the crew and make some fun plans for your next adventure on the high seas.