crunches the numbers.
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If your friend told you Atlanta was a great place to look to buy a home or apartment under $200,000 would you believe her? What if she said you should also consider Miami and Myrtle Beach?

Well, what if that "friend" was actually the data team at You can put your trust in the numbers. Recently, the data whizzes at the real estate giant analyzed the 300 largest metropolitan areas (the city itself and the surrounding areas) — they included one metro per state for geographic diversity — to determine which had the most listings for homes below $200,000 in September 2018.

Several Southern cities made the top 10. Surprisingly, given some of its sky-high real estate offerings, Miami came in second place overall — Chicago secured the #1 spot — with 9,169 listings under $200,000. In fourth, was Atlanta with 8,469 listings fitting the bill; in seventh, St. Louis with 6,384 listings; in eighth Houston with 5,142 listings. Finally, Myrtle Beach took tenth place with 3,639. Of course, isn't the only site with real estate listings, so the actual number of homes for sale in each metropolitan area under $200,000 is even higher.

Curious as to how far $200,000 can really go? Options run the gamut from a charming studio in Miami and a three-bedroom in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, 15 minutes outside of Myrtle Beach to a four-bedroom in Atlanta's Adair Park area and a one-bedroom condo inside of a town home in St. Louis. Alas, we could go fantasy home browsing for hours.

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