Plus, other great Southern locales where you snag a sweet home deal.
St.Louis from the Arch
Credit: Photo by Mike Kline (notkalvin)/Getty Images

What's rarer than a unicorn? A home in a bustling metropolis for under $100,000.

Think again. Recently, the data gurus at looked at the best places to find single-family homes at $100,000 or less based on which cities have the most listings on their site in that price range. While Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania beat out the competition to claim victory, several Southern cities made the top ten list.

The top contender? St. Louis, Missouri, in fourth place in the country with 1,900 homes listed on the site under $100,000 at the time of the research and a median home sales price of $185,000. Memphis, Tennessee, trailed closely behind in sixth place with 1,083 such listings and a median home sales price of $185,872. Lynchburg, Virginia, Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, also made the cut in eighth, ninth, and tenth places, respectively.

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We suppose we're overdue for a leisurely evening of online home browsing.