We're talking 3,000-square-feet or larger.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 07, 2018
Ivan Hunter/Getty Images

If your dream home involves a sprawling backyard, plenty of bedrooms, and a giant porch, we join your chorus (let's just keep the volume down in front of the tiny home lovers in our lives).

Living large doesn't come cheap though, and real estate site Realtor.com certainly knows the millions and millions of dollars these roomy homes can fetch. That's why they recently considered where you can buy large homes — which they defined as 3,000-square-feet or larger — for the least amount of green.

To find out where these budget-friendly mansions are, the Realtor.com data junkies looked at listings in the first six months of 2018 to calculate the price per square foot for homes that are 3,000-square-feet or larger. To make sure their findings were geographically diverse, they limited the so-called "lowest big-home price rankings" to one metropolitan area per state.

While the best deal was found north of the Mason-Dixon line in Scranton, Pennsylvia, six southern locales made their top ten list.

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Ranking second overall, and first for the South, is McAllen, Texas. There, the median price per square-foot for large homes is $99.54, and the median list price on homes over 3,000-square-feet is a modest $372,900. The overall share of homes over 3,000 square feet came is an impressive 24.1%.

Other cities to make the cut, and their respective list prices on homes over 3,000-square-feet, are Columbia, South Carolina ($373,600); Augusta, Georgia ($399,900); Tulsa, Oklahoma ($409,900); Little Rock, Arkansas ($419,900) and Louisville, Kentucky ($490,000). So if you're looking to kick your feet up in a new home with plenty of space, it may be a good idea to consider these Southern markets.

You'll have room for us at the housewarming party, right?