The real estate site crunched numbers to find out where homeowners stay put the longest.
El Paso Skyline
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While fixing up and flipping homes may be all the rage for a side-hustle, or even a full-time career (thanks, Chip and Jo!), there's a certain bliss in knowing that home is where your — long-term — heart is.

Using data from their site, analysts looked at where homeowners are staying put the longest, and where folks are re-listing their homes in the speediest manner. To conduct their survey, considered homes that sold on the site in the past 12 months in the 100 largest metros in America, which include the city itself and surrounding suburbs. Then, they compared those sales with previous ones for those residences back to the year 2000. Using that information, they could deterime the average number of months homes stayed in the hands of one owner between sales.

So where are homeowners planting their roots for the longest?

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El Paso, Texas topped the list with an average time of 99 months (that's eight years and three months) between sales. Other Southern cities making the list were Greensboro, North Carolina with an average of 97 months between sales; Baltimore, Maryland with an average of 93 months between sales, and Jacksonville, Florida with an average of 92 months between sales.

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