BAM! Ka-Pow!

fort worth texas real life batman
Caped crusader captures thief in Texas
| Credit: Twitter/@HeroesandCops

Some heroes do wear capes, just ask Damon Cole.

In his free time, the Fort Worth police officer masquerades up as popular superheroes, traveling the country cheering up sick children. On Saturday, Cole was moonlighting as Batman at a neighborhood Walmart's safety fair when a bat signal went out: there was a thief in their midst. Immediately Cole swooped in and apprehended the man suspected of shoplifting four DVDs. Among the movies he attempted to steal: Lego Batman.

"You cannot steal my movie. Come on," Cole joked to Fox 4 News.

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The trickiest part for Cole was convincing store managers that he was actually a police officer. "Batman says 'I want you to know I have this Batman costume on but I'm an off-duty police officer," Anthony Drake, a Walmart community involvement member, told Fox 4.

Because the value of the DVDs amounted to less than $100, the suspect was given only a citation by the Dark Knight. The suspect, who wouldn't go on record, also requested a selfie with the caped crusader.