She’s finding new meaning in her latest role in the modern fairytale, A Christmas Carousel, thanks to her newly discovered royal roots.
Rachel Boston Red Evening Gown
Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/ Steve Wilkie

The gift that keeps giving that is Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas continues this weekend with more premieres of all-new original holiday films. This Saturday we will be swept away to the magical land of Ancadia for the premiere of the modern-day fairytale,

A Christmas Carousel. Lila, played by Rachel Boston, accompanies her father, a master at carousel restoration, as he travels at the request of the Ancadian royal family to repair their carousel that was originally designed by his grandfather. Lila meets Prince Whitaker upon their arrival and sparks fly, of course. The royal romance blooms but with a modern spin of the two bonding over their shared passion for art.

The regal storyline is more fitting for the Tennessee-born actress than it might appear at first glance. In a recent phone call with Southern Living, Boston shared an unlikely branch on her family tree that her mother discovered. “I’m distantly, distantly related to Kate Middleton. Like second cousin eight times removed or something like that,” she said with a laugh. “My mother is fascinated with family history. So, she traced back. She knew that Kate Middleton’s dad, I think it was, his mom had the same last name as my grandmother’s maiden name. So, she traced everything back. And we are, indeed, very distantly related.”

While she may have kin on the other side of the pond, Boston was born and raised in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, and describes it as a picturesque “one stoplight, beautiful, mountain town.” Boston recalled how much she relates to the fictional communities she helps bring to life on screen. “I remember the first Hallmark movie I shot, and I was like oh this reminds of my next-door neighbors. And there’s times where we’ll be shooting scenes and all the neighbors will come over and my mom really did that. When I was growing up, almost every Christmas we would have the neighbors’ party. And they would come over for Christmas cookies and all be together.”

Boston’s dreams were born when she started singing in the church choir at age 7, but a career in entertainment meant leaving that sweet small town. At age 17, she headed to New York City and eventually she hopped over to the west coast and the city of Angels. While L.A. is far from where she grew up, Boston is stays connected to her home. She visits as often as she can and told us, "I feel so grateful that I’m still in touch with my across the street neighbors, both next door neighbors."

“Coming from Tennessee, I just have the deepest appreciation of the values, and family, and just being in the kitchen with my mom. I very much still have a Southern approach to life.”