"And that was my Thursday morning!”
Cute raccoon in attic
Credit: Teresa Lett/Getty Images

When Aubrey Iacobelli was awoken by a ruckus in her living room at 4:15 in the morning last week, she was shocked to find that an interloper had taken up residence in her Christmas tree.

The Tallahassee resident filmed the encounter with what she initially thought was a cat that had gotten inside through the doggy door. Fortunately for us, she managed to capture the ensuing commotion in a hilarious five-minute video (watch it here) that has since gone viral on Facebook.

"C'mon, get out of my tree," Iacobelli, brandishing a frying pan, tells the creature. "I swear, if you knock down any of my glass ornaments, cat!"

Her dog stands guard as she attempts poking it and spraying it with vinegar. But then she realizes that the intruder isn't a cat at all.

"Is it a cat? No, it's not a cat. What is that?" Iacobelli says while trying to get a better look at the animal hiding in the branches. Eventually it becomes clear that her visitor is a raccoon. "God, you guys, I'm afraid," she tells the camera.

After a bit of confusion, Iacobelli unleashes her dog on their visitor, which only pushes the raccoon up higher on the tree.  

"Don't knock over my tree!" she cries as the raccoon teeters near the top.

In a blink, the dog pounces on the raccoon, knocking over the tree and causing Iacobelli to scream. And scream. And laugh.

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After a frightening tussle, the raccoon is able to get away. It takes sanctuary in the dining room, where it perches on a chandelier for nearly a half hour.

At around 5:15 a.m., Iacobelli begins swatting the raccoon with a broom, causing it to jump from the chandelier and finally make its way outside.

"And that was my Thursday morning!" she tells the camera when the coast is clear, and the mess is cleaned. Thankfully, the brave dog suffered only a few scratches and was seen by a vet.

"Now that it's not right there, in that moment, it does seem kind of funny," Iacobelli adds. "It's probably going to get funnier the further away from it I get. Hope you got a laugh!"

Oh, we got a laugh, alright!