This age-old hack is the key to sleeping like a queen.
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Queen Elizabeth Headshot
Credit: Pool/Samir Hussein/Getty Images

After a lifetime spent jet-setting around the globe, you better believe Queen Elizabeth has plenty of brilliant travel hacks, in particular, ones for making bedtime on the road fit for… well, a queen.

Our friends at Apartment Therapy recently bubbled up and old Vanity Fair article by historian Robert K. Massie that outlines all the things the Queen travels with, shedding some light on her very specific bedtime rituals.

We were intrigued to discover that, in addition to her own feather pillow, the 92-year-old British monarch also makes sure to pack a familiar household item: a regular, run-of-the mill hot water bottle.

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This familiar drugstore find is a rubber receptacle designed to maintain the temperature—either hot or cold—of a liquid for an extended period of time. They're commonly used to provide warmth on a chilly night and to help alleviate muscle pain. We imagine the Queen cuddling up next to hers and drifting off to sleep while dreams of corgis dance through her head.

A standard hot water bottle will only run you about $10 on Amazon, but for a weary royal with another day of waving to the crowds ahead of her, we imagine this affordable contraption might as well be priceless.