En route to Windsor, the Queen had a very special travel buddy

By Rebecca Angel Baer
May 18, 2018
Samir Hussein / Contributor

As the royal family gathers in Windsor ahead of tomorrow's royal wedding, Queen Elizabeth II was spotted with one very important wedding guest when she arrived. In a video posted by Daily Mail online, the Queen can be seen in the backseat of a Range Rover and sitting right next to the groom's gran, peeping out of the window, is an adorable beagle.


It's pretty likely that this precious pup is Guy, the beloved rescue dog of Meghan Markle. When Markle made her move across the pond to join her betrothed, Guy came with her while Markle's other rescue dog stayed behind in the States with close friends.

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It should come to no surprise though that the Queen opened her car door to this furry, four-legged friend. She is a life long dog lover, having raised and bred corgis for over 30 years. She even rescued an additional pup to her brood just last year.

Is it too much to hope that Guy also has an official role in tomorrow's ceremony?