And a pony!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 30, 2019
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WPA Pool/Getty Images

This story is for anyone who's ever been shamed for overpacking.

In her new book The Royals, author Kitty Kelley reveals the incredible amount of luggage Queen Elizabeth brought to visit Prince Philip in Malta in the fall of 1950. Trust us when we say that she's got even the most egregious over-packers beat with this one.

The Duke of Edinburgh was stationed on the Mediterranean island country at the time, and 24-year-old Elizabeth, who wouldn't become Queen for three more years, was able to enjoy three months there with her husband. And by the sounds of it, the young royal came prepared for anything.

"Elizabeth rejoined him there in November for three months, again leaving her children with their nannies and grandparents," Kelley wrote, per The Express. "Accompanied by her maid, her footman, and her detective, she arrived on the island with her sports car, forty wardrobe trunks and a new polo pony for her husband."

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Elizabeth, who had given birth to her second child Anne just a few months before, took full advantage of the time away.

"She spent her days relaxing in the sun, shopping, lunching with officer's wives, and getting her hair done in a beauty salon," Kelley wrote.

As for Philip, we can only imagine that he enjoyed his lavish gift of a new polo pony.