No, we aren't talking about Prince Phillip

By Rebecca Angel Baer
January 11, 2019
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II is Britain's longest ruling monarch. She has set the example of how timeless class truly is and whilst ruling a nation, she's also set many a fashion trend. Her look is classic but practical. While the gowns and tiaras may be exchanged for more casual attire when she is out on a stroll on the grounds of her beloved Balmoral with her corgi pups nipping at her heels, one accessory remains a constant. Her Majesty never goes anywhere without her handbag.

It has been well documented that Queen Elizabeth doesn't make a move—even room to room in the palace—without her handbag. It serves many a practical purpose beyond accenting her brightly colored clothing. She of course, keeps essentials inside but it's also used to send secret messages to her staff. And while she has a plethora of handbag options in her royal closet (closets, we're sure) she favors one particular brand. According to Good Housekeeping, the Queen is a loyal consumer of Launer London, and they report she has over 200 bags by the English brand.

But recently, as the U.K.'s Daily Express pointed out, one of those bags has truly stood the test of time. She's carried the same Launer handbag for at least 50 years. This tried and true companion is distinguishable by the metallic embellishment at the top of the leather bag. It has been seen on the arm of the regent for many landmark events.

Here, she is carrying as she meets President Nixon and his wife, First Lady Pat Nixon in 1970.

Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images

Fast forward to December of 2000, the trusty accessory was again adorning Her Majesty's wrist when she met with the Clinton family at Buckingham Palace.

PAUL J. RICHARDS / Contributor/Getty Images

And again, in 2004, the regent officiated the opening of the new Tanaka Business School building at Imperial College in London along with her son, Prince Andrew and yet again, chose her favorite purse to carry her necessities.

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The fact that the Launer handbag stands the test of time over a half century certainly speaks to the value for money (they aren't cheap) of this brand. But practicality doesn't always play into what our favorite things are. It appears this bag is, indeed a favorite of the Queen's and we totally get that. Stick with what you love, your Majesty.