Sure, the aging monarch recently gave up driving. But horseback riding? Don't hold your breath!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 11, 2019
Carl De Souza/Getty Images

Don't let her age fool you: Queen Elizabeth isn't slowing down any time soon. With her upcoming 93rd birthday fast approaching, earlier this week the British monarch was spotted horseback riding at Windsor Castle with her head groom Terry Penury.

Her majesty was photographed braving the chilly temperatures in a navy-blue trench coat and a pastel headscarf in lieu of a safety helmet. According to The Telegraph, the Queen almost always declines to wear a "hard hat" so as to not mess up her hair—not that we'd suggest such a risky move.

Horse-riding has been a lifelong passion for Queen Elizabeth, who has been partaking in the sport since she was just three years old. She even once described it as allowing her to be "just another human being." The reigning monarch is also a savvy racehorse owner, netting more than 451 total wins and nearly $9.2 million in prize money over the past 30 years.

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Though she's yet to give up the reins, the Sunday Times reports that the Queen recently agreed to stop driving on public roads.

"The Queen is understood to have agreed to give up driving on public roads on the advice of her security team after the Duke of Edinburgh's car crash earlier this year," the Times reports. "The monarch will be chauffeured on public roads."

Keys yes, but something tells us this longtime horse-lover she won't be turning in her saddle anytime soon!