Pass the cutlery, please.
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Banana with Fork and Knife
Credit: Joerg Dirmeitis / EyeEm/Getty Images

Dinner with the Queen? Here are two rules every guest must follow when dining with Queen Elizabeth. But if you find yourself snacking with Lilibet and bananas appear, here's some sage counsel to consider: Grab a fork and knife.

According to Eating Royally, the book from Darren McGrady, former royal family chef, Queen Elizabeth ate the popular fruit in the daintiest of ways. "[The] Queen would cut the top and bottom off, then slice the skin away length-ways," as reported by the UK's Mirror. "She then chopped it up into small pieces before eating them with a fork so there was no biting 'like a monkey,' [McGrady] said."

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Some other interesting insights from McGrady? She starts her day with a pot of freshly brewed Earl Grey tea (milk, no sugar, if you're curious), and a few biscuits. For her sit-down breakfast, enjoyed with Prince Philip, the spread regularly includes foods like cereal, yogurt, and maple syrup, and Queen Elizabeth typically goes for toast with marmalade. Come day's end, she enjoys a tipple of gin with wine-based apertif, Dubonnet, and some lemon and ice. For more on what Queen Elizabeth eats in a day, get the full scoop here.