On your mark, get set, ORDER!

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If you're ordering through a drive-thru window, chances are, time is of the essence. So where's the fastest place to grab grub on the go?

In Quick Service Restaurant Magazine's annual QSR Drive-Thru Study, the company set out to determine just that, and ranked fast-food restaurants by the average amount of time it took from order placement at the drive-thru to food pickup. In first place was Burger King with an average service time of 193.31 seconds, or about three minutes and 13 seconds. Trailing closely behind in second place was Dunkin' (formerly Dunkin' Donuts) at 200.74 seconds, with KFC in third at 218.95 seconds. Disclamer: this study doesn't address accuracy of the order. Scroll down for the full rankings and to see how your favorite restaurants measured up — from Chick-fil-A to Carl's Jr — with the average service time in seconds.

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QSR Magazine's Drive-Thru Speed Rankings 2018

  1. Burger King: 193.31 seconds
  2. Dunkin': 200.74
  3. KFC: 218.95
  4. Wendy's: 226.07
  5. Taco Bell: 236.50
  6. Arby's: 237.93
  7. Carl's Jr.: 252.91
  8. Hardee's: 255.83
  9. Chick-fil-A: 260.85
  10. McDonald's: 273.29

Well, we suppose now's a good time to grab the ole stopwatch and head out for some food to confirm these findings. For research's sake, of course.