A beloved pattern from the 1950s is making its return.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 22, 2018

As a kid, packing up dinner leftovers always felt so glamorous with Mamaw. Probably because, well, she's Mamaw, but the timeless patterned Pyrex sets sure didn't hurt.

Now, you can buy a piece of yesteryear's elegance thanks to a launch of a very special pattern. Hello again, Lucky in Love, the casserole vestibule of our 1950s-and-1960s-era dreams.

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First landing on shelves in 1959, the rare and coveted Lucky in Love pattern is a fun mélange of hearts and clovers, and one that Pyrex collectors consider a true prize.

The limited-edition set is available now at pyrexware.com and will be available mid-March at Target stores and Macys.com. The offerings will include round and rectangular storage containers ranging in price from $4 to $10. Well, now we know what our St.Patrick's Day tablescape will include.