Pyrex Love-Themed Containers Are Here for Valentine's Day

Pyrex Loveasaurus or Candy Hearts: How are we ever going to choose?

Pyrex Lucky in Love
Photo: Corelle Brands

As Southerners, so many of us have a soft spot for Pyrex dishes. Maybe we remember their omnipresence at neighborhood potlucks while growing up, or maybe our families always had a full set featuring beautiful vintage patterns on-hand in the kitchen.

However you Pyrex, the high-quality storage containers are a must-have for any home chef. Now, as Valentine's Day approaches, the parent company, Corelle Brands—which also makes another one of our kitchen favorites, CorningWare, with that familiar blue cornflower design—has released a new line of love-themed Pyrex decorative storage. In the collection, we're especially loving the 4-cup glass food storage Pyrex Loveasaurus container with pink lid ($9), the 11-cup glass food storage Hey There Hot Stuff container with jade green lid ($11), and the 7-cup glass food storage Candy Hearts container with pink lid. If you're in the market for a matching set option, we're swooning for the Pyrex Lucky in Love 8-piece glass food storage container set with white lids ($27). It's going to be tough to narrow our selections down.

Pyrex Candy Hearts
Corelle Brands

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One thing worth noting: Pyrex is no longer thermal-shock resistant, which means the dishes can no longer withstand large and sudden temperature swings (or thermal shock) like they once could. First introduced in 1915, Pyrex products stopped manufacturing their products with borosilicate glass about 60 years ago, which accounted for the change and may explain why mamaw's Pyrex has endured over the decades.

If you're anything like us, this beautiful new collection may very well convince you to throw a Valentine's Day party after all, this year. Now, time to get those invitations out for an impromptu Galentine's party and start brainstorming what desserts we'll make.

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