It only costs 2.98.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 29, 2018
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NoDerog/Getty Images

What's on your Amazon wish list? Whether you're food-obsessed or already updating your 2018 note to Santa, chances are the E-commerce giant has more than a few things you'd like to "add to cart."

Recently, lifestyle site Brit + Co. rounded up the most wished-for Amazon items for the month of September and the findings were intriguing. The #1 stand-out buy, in our opinion? September's Most Wished For Organizational Item: purifyou Reusable Mesh Bags. Only $12.98 for a set of 10 mesh bags with 12 x 8 inch dimensions, these multi-purpose bags are great for storiing snacks, fresh produce, and well, whatever you can fit so long as the total doesn't exceed 11 pounds. Best of all, they're machine washable so you won't have to worry about damaging the environment every time you need a Ziploc-style baggie.

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And for around $2 more ($14.97) you can buy a set of 9 mesh bags in various sizes. But when you think about all the practical applications of this handy product — road trips, makeup, art supplies — you may decide that that's about 900 too few.