You Can Buy a Tiny Pink Pineapple Plant from The Home Depot for Less Than $25

An itty, bitty pink pineapple is just the salve we need right now.

Pure Beauty Farms Pineapple Plant

The need for green is hitting us hard this year. We've even managed to move beyond the garden, venturing into the great indoors. From rubber plants to bonsai trees, we've yet to meet a type of houseplant we don't want to call up our neighbor and spread the word about. But as Southerners, we must admit we have a special place in our hearts for all things pineapple. As symbols of hospitality, we love what they stand for and the jolt of joy we get every time we see the spiny-skinned tropical fruit.

Until now, we didn't realize that pineapple dreams could be our own—that is, in the form of a darling little houseplant we could grow from our very own windowsill. As we learned from our friends over at lifestyle website BestProducts, The Home Depot now sells a Brazilian Red Pineapple plant from Pure Beauty Farms, available in a five-inch grower pot for $23.98. If you feel like throwing down an extra Lincoln, you can splurge for the same plant in a pink designer pot for $29.98.

Per the plant's product description, it's worth noting that the pineapple is ornamental only, and not for eating. You can grow this sun-loving plant even if you don't have outdoor space, such as from a sunny windowsill or even that nook in your living room that gets a lot of natural light. (Of course, you can also place them outside.) Personally, we're loving placing this peppy plant on our dining room table for a bit of fun décor during dinnertime or behind our desk to add some background pizzazz to our endless video conferences.

WATCH: How To Grow a Pineapple From a Top

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