There's a squirrel whisperer in our midst!
Curious Squirrel
Credit: RT-Images/Getty Images

Tia Powell was walking on a trail near Kiwanis Park in Pulaski, Virginia, when she was approached by a squirrel that appeared determined to block her path.

When it became clear that the squirrel meant her no harm, Powell turned around and allowed it to lead her down the trail to where a baby squirrel with an injured leg was waiting.

"At one point, Powell wasn't sure she could help, and she began walking and the squirrel followed her again and actually tugged her pant leg!" the Pulaski Police Department said on Facebook.

That's when Powell realized that a nearby cat was waiting to pounce on the mama and her vulnerable baby. Powell immediately called police for help. When the officers arrived, both squirrels were patiently sitting with Powell on the ground. (Wath the incredible video here.)

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Though wildlife officials weren't able to rescue the injured youngster, Powell and her friend Jasmine were able to get both squirrels to safety in their tree.

"A huge shout out to Tia (aka: The Squirrel Whisperer) and Jasmine!" the Pulaski police wrote. "Had Tia not been willing to trust her instincts that something was wrong, this might have had a very different ending! Thanks ladies!"