These Lakeland lovebirds took the sweetest photos.

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They say you find love when you least expect it. How about in the aisles of your local Publix?

That's exactly what happened for Publix associates Alexandra Darch and Dylan Smith, who met at the Lakeland, Florida Publix store where they both work. At the time, Alexandra was a cashier and Dylan was new to working in the grocery department. The couple claim it was love at first sight: When Dylan was touring the store, he and Alexandra locked eyes and felt an instant connection.

With time, they continued to bat eyes at each other and Alexandra began choosing shifts based on when she'd most likely see Dylan. A romance evolved and now the two plan to wed in January 2020—with a Publix Bakery wedding cake, of course.

To celebrate their engagement, they decided the most fitting place for photos was the space where their love story first unfolded, and enlisted the help of photographer Jennifer Goodlet to capture their love.

Publix Engagement 2
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For the engagement session, the duo had a blast posing throughout the store, hopping on shopping carts, and even kissing behind a heart etched on the foggy door in the freezer section.

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Congratulations to the happy couple—we hope your marriage is as filled with much happiness, love, and plenty of Publix Bakery runs.