Hey, the kiddos gotta show their love for the Pub Sub, too.

Do you love Publix? We're talking the fresh produce, the Pub Subs, the Publix brand (pass the alphabet macaroni, please), the service. Oh, and the bakery of course. Free cookies for kids, how we love thee. If you're anything like us, a trip to Publix is something you actually look forward to—heck, we even look for excuses just to squeeze in an extra Publix run.

Publix_Future Free Cookie Collector
Credit: Publix

Much to the delight of Publix fans, in December 2019, the Florida-based company launched a line of Publix-inspired clothing and accessories ranging from sandals and pillows to t-shirts and sweatshirts for grown-ups to profess their love for the grocery chain. Now, on the heels of the debut of their so-called "Fresh Goods" collection, the company is unveiling anew line of clothing for infants and toddlers, and we can't wait to get our hands on some items for the youngsters in our lives.

First, we're swooning for the "Future Free Cookie Collector" onesie (pictured above), and available here for $11.95. Another favorite of ours in the collection is the "Just Here for the Free Cookie" t-shirt, available here for $9.95 (pictured below).

Publix_Just Here for the Free Cookie
Credit: Publix

If you breathe, live, eat, and love Publix, you can shop the entire Publix company store here. Prices in the Fresh Goods collection range from $5.95 to $29.95. Personally, we're loving the Publix hair scrunchies with the signature green logo and these lounge pants with Pub Sub designs printed all over them. And how could we pass on the "Just Dreaming About Buy 1 Get 1" pillow?

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Whether you're gifting a onesie for a mama-to-be as a baby shower gift or picking up a "Just Here for the Free Cookie" tee for a little one in your life, we think it's definitely worth stocking up on a few items in this collection pronto. Who's ready to spoil a tiny Publix cookie monster?