A Pub sub investigation.

Publix Chicken Tender Sub
Credit: Facebook/Publix

The South might have a new hero—that is, if his story checks out.

A man going by the name Dave Charls on Facebook is making headlines after claiming that he and two friends are responsible for a most-beloved sandwich: the one-and-only Publix chicken tender sub.

In a now-viral post that first originated on the popular "Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs on Sale?" Facebook page, Charls outlined how he and two friends, Kevin and Philip, convinced an employee at the deli counter of a Publix on Fleming Island, Florida, to combine the store's chicken tenders and their sub rolls into one glorious sandwich in the late 90s.

"We had been buying the tenders and rolls for months separately because the people in the deli REFUSED to ring it up as a sub or put the ingredients together," Charls recalled. "But I finally had a guy on the inside who would do it!"

According to Charls, the deli employee talked his manager into making it a special, and by the next day, they were advertising it with a chalkboard sign out front.

"It was such a hit they started doing it at other stores," he alleged. "Thus, the chicken tender pub-sub was born. You're welcome."

Unfortunately for Charls, his story doesn't quite line up with dates provided by Publix. The grocery store reports that the first corporate record of a chicken tender Pub sub recipe and procedure dates back to 1992 or 1993, at least four years before Charls' story.

"We can on our end say no," Brian West, Publix's spokesman, told Tampa Bay Times.

West added that there is no definitive origin story for the sandwich due to the fact that Publix has no real records of where the first chicken tender Pub sub was made.

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Fortunately, you don't need an origin story to enjoy the chicken delicacy which is on sale starting tomorrow. That's right, all Publix subs are just $5.99 from June 13 to June 19.