Year after year, a single solitary fir near a busy intersection in Prosper gets the Christmas treatment, but nobody knows who’s been doing it, or why.

Meghan Overdeep
December 7, 2018

There’s a holiday mystery afoot in the Dallas-area suburb of Prosper, Texas.

Year after year, a single solitary fir near the busy intersection of Preston Road and First Street gets the Christmas treatment, but nobody knows who’s been doing it, or why. Looming over the nearby highway and wrapped in its annual garb of silver and gold tinsel, it’s easy to see why the tree has become a local legend.

"In describing it to my kids, I call that tree magical, like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. It just appears…it’s magic," Prosper resident Kerry Harrington told NBCDFW.

WFAA reports that the land the tree stands on is slated for development, set to be a used for a mall expansion. In preparation, the land and all its trees were recently bulldozed. The magic tree, however, was spared.

Worried that the tree’s days are numbered, Prosper Speaks, a Facebook group for locals, recently asked residents for help solving the mystery.

“We’ve seen it every year but don’t know who mysteriously and secretly decorates it in the midnight hours,” the post reads. “One long-time resident suggested it is the family of a loved one who passed away...another suggested it was the ‘town tree,’ decorated as a tradition. Talk to your neighbors who have lived here awhile and see if they know the story!

Let’s try and solve this mystery....many have noticed the beautifully decorated Christmas tree on Preston, south of...

Posted by Prosper Speaks on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Residents are divided on whether or not the mystery should be solved.

“I feel like the point is for it to remain a mystery,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another chimed in to thank the mystery person or persons responsible. “I’ve lived here all my life. It’s only been decorated the last few years. It’s a refreshing sight! Thanks to the people taking the time to brighten our holiday spirit with this pretty little tree!”

Personally, we don’t care who’s doing it. We’re just glad they are.