The Property Brothers Swear by This Tip to Instantly Update Your Home's Exterior

Minimal work for a big payoff? We'll take it.

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You're not alone if you're loving Jonathan and Drew Scott's new HGTV Series Property Brothers: Forever Home. The new show centers around renovating family homes to last through all phases of life, and provides in equal parts, sentimental stories and the expected light-hearted banter of the brothers. And along the way, the duo doles out some pretty amazing home renovation advice.

On a recent episode, titled "Suburban Las Vegas Upgrade," there's one tip we can't get out of our heads: As originally reported, giving our front door an upgrade can make a giant impact — with minimal effort.

"A modern front door updates everything," Drew tells Jonathan, with writer Lisa Johnson Mandell recounting that this occurs, "as they give the house an instant face-lift by simply removing the dated, double front doors with the frilly leaded-glass window, and replacing it with more geometric doors that have a series of small, rectangular windows running down the middle." What an elegant way to enter a house, ladies and gentlemen.

As Mandell also points out, updating a front door can sometimes be costly, but it's certainly more affordable than redoing the entire exterior of your home.

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One easy, cost-effective way to jazz up your front door? Add some paint! Check out 20 Bold Colors for Your Front Door for some inspiration.

What's your favorite straightforward home renovation project to add value and pizzazz to your dwelling?

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