The Puppy Brothers, erm, The Property Brothers, weigh in.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 10, 2019

Dog lovers, this one is for you.

You adore your four-legged friends—that goes without saying. But the havoc they wreak on your hardwood flooring? Not so much. Thankfully, on a recent episode of Drew and Jonathan Scott's Property Brothers on HGTV, the duo shed their insight on the best pet-friendly flooring.

For the Scott brothers, porcelain floor tiles with a wood-grain finish are a must for families with dogs and cats, as Jillian Pretzel originally reported on "I love these floors because they look beautiful," Jonathan said in the episode. "They bring the warmth of hardwood, but they are completely puppy-proof and they will last forever."

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Bonus: Once you've got the best doggie-proof floors of all time, you can finally devote your spare minutes at home to something other than mopping, and polishing, and sweeping, and everything you can think of in the pursuit of clean wooden floorboards.