It's fun and functional.

Drew and Jonathan Scott
Credit: Aaron Rapoport/Getty Images

Drew and Jonathan Scott have made a career out of inventive home renovations, but their latest kitchen storage solution might be their most inspiring idea yet.

In a recent episode of Property Brothers titled "Vegas for Good," the Scott twins help soon-to-be empty nesters Del and Jen downsize in style. One of the biggest issues the Las Vegas couple faced in their new smaller home was the kitchen, where the cabinetry was particularly problematic due to a lack of storage space.

"There's so much space between the ceiling and the cabinets," Jen noted. "These ceilings are so high, why not use more space?"

And so up to the ceiling the new cabinets went.

But the updated cabinetry posed a new problem for the homeowners. How would Jen and Del reach the top of them?

Fortunately, Jonathan had a solution: a detachable rolling ladder system to reach the high shelves à la Belle in Beauty and the Beast. The result is so fun and functional that is already wondering if it's the "the next big trend in kitchens."

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"This is so beautiful," Jen gushes. "I can't believe that this is my kitchen."

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to see a man about a ladder.