Jonathan and Drew have spoken!

By Meghan Overdeep
June 03, 2019

In their newest television endeavor, Property Brothers: Forever Home, HGTV darlings Drew and Jonathan Scott transform people's houses into dream homes to last them a lifetime.

In the first episode, the brothers meet Nora and Diego, a young couple whose large home simply isn't working for their multigenerational family. So, Jonathan and Drew set out to rework the heart of the home—the kitchen, family room, and dining room—to make it more appropriate for spending time together as a group.

In a recap of the show, outlines the most important takeaways from the Scott brothers' efforts to maximize the couple's home. Because what would a home-reno show be without a lesson or two… or four.

A kitchen entry

Not only does a big house need a big front entry, but it should never lead directly into the kitchen. To rectify the couple's awkward foyer, Jonathan removed the walls around the entryway, and repositioned the kitchen.

Wall-to-wall mirrors

They used to be the look du jour, but wall-to-war mirrors give the space a seriously dated look.

A failure of a fireplace

There's no need to keep an ugly or non-working fireplace around. It can be expensive to remove a fireplace, so Jonathan makes it disappear simply by covering it with drywall.

Outdated fixtures and hardware

Replacing old, tired faucet and cabinet hardware is a cost-effective way to give your house a much-needed facelift.