Remember: never give out personal or financial information on Facebook, and always look for that blue verified checkmark.

By Meghan Overdeep
December 12, 2017
Property Brothers
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Property Brothers fans beware: scammers have been posing as HGTV employees on Facebook.

When Lisa Hartman received a message from someone claiming to work with hosts Jonathan and Drew Scott on the popular home reno show, she was thrilled. Naturally!

"When I first saw the message, I got really, really excited," she told ABC13. "I was like, 'Oh my God! How am I going to explain this to Keith?'"

Keith, her husband, was skeptical.

"My first response was, 'Seriously? Nah,'" he recalled to the local news station. "I always have a cricket on my shoulder about what's a scam and what's not."


Thankfully, upon closer inspection of the contract, the Hartmans noticed some red flags. For one, it included the wrong couple's name. And the fact that they demanded money upfront made them uneasy. As the requests for money became more urgent, it became clear that the operation was far from legit.

The scam the Hartmans faced wasn't an isolated incident. In fact, the Scotts themselves recently reminded their fans to never give out their personal or financial information on Facebook, and to always look for the blue checkmark to make sure they are corresponding with their verified account.

HGTV also addressed the new crop of scammers on its website.

"We want to remind you that there are scammers who might want to take advantage of your love for HGTV, so please be careful of solicitations offering free home makeovers," the note to viewers reads. "If you believe that you've been contacted by an HGTV representative, you can confirm the authenticity of the communication by sending your name along with a scan of the letter or email you received to No other inquiries or solicitations will be addressed via this email account. If you're interested in applying to be on one of our shows, please check out the listings below."