Doggone cute!


With Hurricane Irma's eye set on the Georgia coast on Thursday, 19-year-old Georgia Southern sophomore Jessica Lewis was getting out of dodge and heading home to Atlanta. There was just one problem…. well, two actually: her dog and her last class of the day.

Determined to take care of both the canine (whom she shares with her roommate) and her studies, Lewis had an idea. Even though she knew the chances he'd allow it were slim, she emailed her professor and asked if she could bring Luna to class.

"Can I bring my dog to class today? It would help me out SO much because your class is my last class of the day and I have to leave as soon as your class gets out," Lewis wrote. She added that she wanted to beat the storm traffic, and that going back to her apartment to pick her dog up after class would delay her trip even further.

"I promise she'll be good and only the teeniest bit disruptive," her email continued. "I've attached several pictures of her below to help convince you with her cuteness."

luna the dog and her humans
Credit: Jessica Lewis

Her professor, it turns out, didn't need much convincing. He wrote back a minute later. "SHE'S OBVIOUSLY A GOOD GIRL SO OF COURSE YOU CAN BRING HER."

luna attends class
Credit: Jessica Lewis

As for Luna? She's a star pupil. "She walked around and got pets from everybody and had a great time," Lewis told The Tab. "She made a lot of friends." The students too, we thrilled by her presence, but most importantly, both ladies made it home safe and managed to avoid the storm.

luna makes friends in class
Credit: Jessica Lewis