Take a Virtual Private Cooking Class from Chefs Around the World Starting at Only $11

Get your Tiramisù on.

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We thought we loved peanut butter and jelly. We thought we loved pasta with tomato sauce. We thought we loved chocolate chip cookies. We still do, but somewhere between week one and week-we-know-not-which of remaining safely at home during the coronavirus crisis, we realized we could use some new recipes in our go-to cooking repertoire. A little global inspiration, perhaps?

That's why we were excited to find out from the folks at Lonely Planet that Japanese company airKitchen is launching a virtual private cooking classes taught by chefs from all around the globe. The platform, called airKitchen LIVE, currently offers 70+ online private cooking classes for interested pupils to choose from ranging from a carbonara cooking class from an Italian chef to how to make vegan ramen and gyoza, a Japanese dumpling. The virtual cooking lessons cost $11 and up and are conducted through easy-to-use apps like Zoom and Skype. As you browse lessons, you can see what ingredients and tools are needed for the class to ensure it's something you can accommodate for in your home kitchen. All chefs speak English if you don't speak their native tongue, and once you're booked, you'll settle on a time and date with your chef host. At the end of your lesson, you can break bread from afar and have the opportunity for a special cross-cultural experience without getting on a plane. Whatever type of cuisine you decide to tackle, these classes are sure to be a bright spot in your day as you fight the humdrum buzz of everyday life right now.

We don't know about you, but we think we spy an Italian Tiramisù class in our very near future.

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Have a friend who loves cooking and traveling too far-off lands? Be sure to let them know about this cool platform. And be sure to snag a dinner invite from him or her for when all of this is behind us.

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