Hunka Hunka burning etiquette.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 30, 2017
Priscilla and Elvis Presley Wedding Day Photo
Credit: Bettmann/Getty Images

The world knows her as Priscilla Presley, but to her parents, she was Priscilla Beaulieu. When she met Elvis as a teen, she was most definitely Miss Beaulieu to Dad, Paul. Now, in a new interview with Closer Weekly, Priscilla opens up about her parents' take on the singer's relationship with their daughter, with whom Priscilla shared a ten-year age difference. Their romance began when Elvis met Priscilla in Germany where her family was then located with her Dad in the Air Force. Elvis was serving in the Army at the time of their initial encounter, and already a musical icon. After asking her parents permission to go to a party Elvis invited her to, Priscilla recounts, "My father said, 'Absolutely not!' My mother said, 'I won't let you walk across the street to see Elvis Presley!'" She added, "I knew this was going to be a battle."

Though Priscilla was young when the duo's courtship began, she was able to finagle her way into seeing the King of Rock and Roll again. It wasn't easy, though: "My father interrogated me!" Priscilla said in the Closer Weekly interview. "He wanted to know, 'What happened the first night? Why does he want to see you again?'"

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Eventually, like any Southern gentleman, the Mississippi native realized he needed to curry the parents' favor. So Elvis presented himself at the Beaulieu home, "in full uniform. He came absolutely decked out in white gloves, hat, everything!" Happily, he made an excellent impression and their relationship continued—and flourished. Elvis proposed to Priscilla on the cusp of her turning 21. Though the couple divorced in 1973, it's easy to wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Presley never would have come to be in the first place were it not for his formal dress and dapper gloves and hat. You can take the boy out of Tupelo...