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By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 16, 2019
Princess Diana in Sitting Room
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what the royal family's living quarters look like behind closed doors? If you're a fan of Princess Diana, it's easy to imagine that her working and living space was as stylish as the clothes she wore.

Recently Town and Country took a look inside the home of the late princess in Kensington Palace, and we were delighted to learn more intel about the elegant digs. Interestingly, the sitting room (pictured above and below) served two functions for the royal family, reminding us that even princesses have to be savvy about interior design: "The sitting room also doubled as Diana's workspace, which is why it featured feminine colors, such as an egg blue patterned wallpaper. For the sofas, Diana picked out a unique smoky pink, which reminds us a bit of today's popular Millennial Pink (see, she was always ahead of the times)," writes Lauren Smith. "The walls were also covered in white bookshelves that were filled with the Princess' hardbacks."

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Prince William
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

So did Di do all this gorgeous decorating alone? To transform her space in Kensington Palace, Princess Diana enlisted the services of interior designer, Dudley Poplak and the results certainly dazzle.

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What do you think of this peek inside Princess Diana and her family's personal space? We'll take the wallpaper and couch and the lamp and...