Kensington Palace released new two photographs of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, taken by Kate Middleton, at Kensington Palace. As with most baby pictures, the photos are absolutely adorable, particularly the one that shows Princess Charlotte carefully kissing her baby brother on the forehead. When you got all the ooh-ing and aww-ing out of your system, though, you may have noticed something—Princess Charlotte's sweater looked vaguely familiar. There's a reason for that: it's a hand-me-down!

Eagle eyed fans of the royal family noticed that the classic blue cardigan sweater that Princess Charlotte wore in the photos appeared to be the same one her big brother Prince George wore for a family portrait with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. That picture, taken by famed photographer Annie Liebowitz for the monarch's 90th birthday, featured the Queen with her youngest grandchildren and great grandchildren, including Prince George in a familiar looking Fina Ejerique blue cardigan with white decoration.

That's not the only hand-me-down in the photos, either. As People points out, Prince Louis is also wearing clothing inherited from his older sibling. In the photos of the little prince, he is wearing a white sweater, very similar to the one worn by Charlotte in her first portraits with her big brother, Prince George. According to People, the prince's outfit is from the Spanish brand Irulea, and it was a gift from the mother of the children's nanny, who owns a shop in San Sebastián, Spain. "We couldn't be happier to see little Princess Charlotte wearing the same cardigan Prince George once wore," the brand's designer, Ana Pérez, told People. "It is a huge pleasure to be among the brands in their wardrobe."

While the idea of outfitting our own little princes and princesses in white may have you rushing to the store to load up on stain remover, these photos prove that that investing in classic, high-quality pieces can pay off, especially if it can be passed down to siblings. And if hand-me-downs are good enough for the royal family, they are certainly good enough for your children.