She looks poised and perfect in an ivory dress, floral crown, and monogrammed shoes. 

By Southern Living
May 19, 2018
WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

The crowds. The cheers. The cries of sheer delight. The pressure. She's got this. This might be Uncle Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day, but Princess Charlotte was the talk of the town. And for good reason. The little princess knows how to make an entrance, dazzle the onlookers, and look like she's having fun. Today, the 3-year-old charmer assumed the role of bridesmaid for the second time (the first was at her Aunt Pippa's wedding last year), and she deserves a round of applause. In fact, for a little princess and junior bridesmaid, she is impressively gracious and poised, which makes her an important part of the bridal party. Here, a few few things she did oh-so-charmingly-well (future bridesmaids, take note):

She wears her designer dress with grace. Charlotte always looks adorable but today she looked extra special in her gown, chosen by her new aunt. The dress, which was made with ivory silk Radzimir and designed by Givenchy Haute Couture, featured short puff sleeves and was finished off with a pretty double silk ribbon in the back.

She showed off her brand new monogrammed bridesmaid gift. Meghan made a point of giving her bridesmaid something personal. Cue the monograms and keepsake gift. Yes, Charlotte's ivory Aquazzura shoes were monogrammed and dated with this special occasion. No wonder the little princess was skipping up those stairs with delight.

She knows to look to her mama. When she can, Charlotte stands close to the Duchess of Cambridge, often holding her hand, and waiting for her mother's gentle encouragement. We spotted a few moments when Kate would lean down to talk to her and give her a little nudge to wave to her adoring fans. When in doubt, always look to your mama to know what's appropriate.

She is patient and well-behaved. Every bridesmaid knows the feeling: You must wait for the bride and groom. You must wait to take photos. You must stand in a receiving line if requested by the bride. You must look thrilled to just be standing around. And she does. The little royal posted on the steps of St. George's Chapel with her parents (and not-so-delighted older brother) acting happy to be a part of this celebration.

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She has mastered the wave. Charlotte watches and works the crowd. Her smile is sincere. Her princess wave is perfect. Perhaps today is Princess Charlotte's big day – yet again.