Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their son Monday morning.

As the world is giddy with excitement over the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son, the newborn can rejoice in setting a very special record.

Based on research from dating app Jaumo, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's little one arrived faster than any other couple in the British monarchy. The couple will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary on May 19th.

This news comes courtesy of celebrity news outlet Hello Magazine, which shares that Jaumo looked at data from ten royal families from various countries like Spain, Britain, and the Netherlands to determine which have babies the fastest after getting married. Based on Jaumo's intel, "British royal couples usually wait an average of 1008 days, or 2.76 years, between marriage and their first child, or 1166 days between getting engaged and having their first child, longer than any other European royal household." Meghan and Harry's speed is apparently more on par with the reproductive habits of the Danish, Norwegian, and Luxembourgish royals.

Even though Meghan and Harry were quick to get to work on the baby-making front, the Jaumo research found that the average British royal couple waits 158 days to walk down the aisle after getting engaged, while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said "I do" after 173 days, around two weeks more than the norm.

We're sending our best wishes to the new family of three. Share more pictures, please, Mummy Meghan and Prince Papa Harry.