We'd like to be invited to the next family gathering.


Hello, Gan-Gan.

Prince George and his great grandmother have one special relationship. Could we love this duo more? Doubtful. What's in a nickname? Some are clever, others are not. Some are cute, others are not. Some are funny, others not so much. Some are painful, but let's not go there. Southerners love nicknames. They give us personality, spirit, soul, and something more to talk about. The most colorful nicknames often have great strories behind them. And the truth is, we love telling a good story almost as much as a solid nickname. A nickname says a lot about you. It can influence the assumptions that other people make about you and your character. In the South, everyone has at least one nickname, and some are fortunate to have several. A nickname is a gift. Some nicknames are random. A friend's grandfather was named Lawrence, but he was known his entire life as Sonny. Another friend's mother was named Camilia, but they called her Bobby.

There are real names that are shortened. Take Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, also known as Reese Witherspoon. Or Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra, who we all know as Meg Ryan.

Then there are nicknames you might only hear in the South like Tootsie, Bubba, Buck, and Sissy.

Probably our favorite nicknames are the ones we dream up for our grandmothers. Special ladies need especially grand names– and we have a bunch, from Bunny and Cookie to GamGam and Mamoo. And while we love spending time coming up with them, we also enjoy hearing adorable new ones too. Enter Prince George. Once again, this cute-as-a-button little gent reveals his playfully creative side with his name for his great grandmother.According to Elle UK, it's Gan-Gan. We kind of love it. And the Queen is probably just as excited because it's far better than Gary, which is what Prince William, who couldn't pronounce Granny, called her as a child, reports the Daily Mail.