Somebody has dad wrapped around his little royal finger!
Prince William Prince George School
Credit: Handout/Getty Images

It seems that Prince George has inherited his father's love of flying! A year and a half after the world witnessed the pure joy helicopters elicit in the five-year-old royal (seriously, who could forget that face!?), George is once again making it clear that his affection for the aircrafts is real—and it should be respected as such.

Earlier this week, Prince William visited the London Air Ambulance charity, where he let slip that he was required to return home with a little souvenir for George… or else.

"I can't get back without a helicopter. George will never forgive me," William joked in a video (below) shared by The Daily Mail correspondent Rebecca English on Twitter. Perhaps predicting that was the case, a charity representative came prepared with a toy helicopter for George.

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This isn't the first time George has insisted that William, who served as a RAF helicopter pilot for five years, bring back a high-flying keepsake. On a December visit to the Royal Air Force (RAF) station in Cyprus, William reportedly said to a group of pilots, "I told George this morning we were going to see the pilots today, and he said, ‘If you see a helicopter can you take a picture?'"

What can we say except he knows what he likes!